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The Cavendish Consort

The Cavendish Consort is named after an obscure English composer whose working life bridged the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods of musical history. A psaltery

One of the reasons for the formation of the consort over twenty years ago was the exploration of little known music drawn from those two periods and the choice of his name seemed appropriate to the aims of the group of six players.

The members of the group who all live in Wivenhoe or Colchester, have a wide range of performance experience, and, playing on a  range of different period instruments, attempt to reproduce music in a style which is, as far as possible, true to the intentions of the composer.

The instruments the group play include recorders, viol, psaltery, fidel (an early violin), harpsichord � a total of twenty one at the last count!  The music is very varied and pleasant to listen to, especially the dances and songs.


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